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Facial Trauma

Facial injuries can lead to fractured bones, jaw dislocation, and disfigurement. Oral and maxillofacial surgery can treat this trauma.

At Utah Oral Surgeons, Drs. Gary L. Crawford and William L. McBee are qualified to care for serious facial injuries.

If you or someone you love requires emergency facial surgery, contact our offices in American Fork, Price, and Provo, UT.

Expert Care for Facial Trauma

If an accident has resulted in fractures of teeth or facial bones, or similar severe injuries, contact Utah Oral Surgeons at 801-375-4707. Patients choose us for emergency care because of our:

Experience and Training

Both of our doctors have decades of surgical experience and have received extensive training in treating jaw and facial fractures. When you are dealing with facial trauma, you want to work with professionals like Drs. Crawford and McBee who specialize in the bones and structures of the face.

Advanced Technology

When treating facial injuries, we use the latest technology in diagnosis, treatment planning, and materials for reconstruction. Our scanning technology ensures that we see a complete picture of your injury before deciding on a treatment method, and our computer-guided techniques allow us to perform surgery with the utmost precision.

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Variety of Solutions

Depending on the location and severity of the injury, a trauma patient may require anything from the placement of titanium bone plates to the careful repair of soft tissue. As a comprehensive oral surgery practice, we are equipped to perform any necessary procedure, including bone grafting and dental implant placement.

Choose an Oral Surgeon

When it comes to facial fractures, knocked-out teeth, or other forms of facial trauma, no one is better equipped to provide a confident diagnosis and effective surgical care than a trained oral and maxillofacial surgeon.

Because of their years of advanced education and specialization in the structures of the face, the team at Utah Oral Surgeons is able to get injury victims repaired and back to normal appearance and function.

If you've only received attention from a doctor or nurse in an emergency room, we highly recommend you request a consultation with our team before making any treatment decisions.

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We are the experts you need to treat facial trauma.

Types of Mouth and Facial Injuries

Trauma to the face can damage the teeth, muscle tissue, and different parts of the jaw and skull. Our oral surgeons are equipped to handle any sort of facial injury, including:

Tooth Loss

If a natural tooth cannot be saved, we are experts in the placement of dental implants, which can replace tooth roots and restore the appearance and function of a patient's smile.

Jaw Dislocation

A dislocated jaw can cause intense pain and may never heal correctly without expert attention. We can examine your joint and facial muscles to determine the best treatment method. 

Jaw Fractures

Fractures of the upper and lower jaw are serious and debilitating. Drs. Crawford and McBee can perform surgery to set the bone and restore your ability to bite, chew, and speak.

Emergency Care Testimonials "I Recommend Dr. McBee to Anyone"


Aaron Dominguez


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It's not often that you would think that an Oral and Maxillofacial surgeon would save your life but Dr McBee did. I had what started out as a toothache that just got exponentially worse over the course of 9 days. I had spoken to my regular DDS who put me on an antibiotic, an Endodontist who increased the antibiotic dose, and sought help from the ER at my local hospital 3 times before the ER doctor called FINALLY advocated for me and called Dr McBee to help. He understood that it was an emergency and saw me right out of the ER. He gave me my options, discussed the concerns and scheduled me for a procedure in his office later that day. When I returned, he noticed that my symptoms took a turn for the worse. The swelling in my face had gotten so bad that it was in danger of collapsing my airway. He had me scheduled for surgery immediately at the hospital where I needed to be intubated to save my airway... Dr McBee came to see me each day to monitor my progress. To this day he is continuing my aftercare from the infection that was there. I recommend Dr McBee to anyone looking for someone to actually care for their patient.

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Dave Gear


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My son injured his teeth late on a recent Friday night. Walked into the A.F Hospital E.R. at about midnight. The E.R. Doctor took one look and said she would call the Oral Surgeon on call.  Dr. McBee left his nice comfortable bed and came down and helped. Sure, lots of  on call oral surgeons show up when called, but the kindness, professionalism and compassion he showed was extraordinary. His confidence was reassuring. He did what he could do there in the E.R., and then made the extra effort to open his office on a Saturday morning to finish the treatment. His assistant Natalie was spot on and was great with both my son and his worried dad.   Again, Dr. McBee''s  kindness in a tense situation was reassuring and I would highly recommend anyone who needs an oral surgeon to get an appointment with Dr. McBee.

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Insurance Information

Treatment for facial trauma can often be covered by medical insurance, dental insurance, or a combination of both. Our team can help you navigate the complexities of insurance coverage to make sure you maximize your benefits.

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Utah Oral Surgeons

Gary L. Crawford and William L. McBee are board-certified oral surgeons specializing in wisdom tooth extraction and dental implants. Our surgeons are affiliated with a number of prestigious organizations, including:

  • American Dental Association
  • American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons
  • American College of Dentists
  • Utah Dental Association

To schedule an appointment, contact us online or call 801-375-4707 today.

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